SEA shades

There are 10.0000 different types of seaweed, of which 200 macro weeds grow in the local waters. As seaweed species are highly regenerative, this project aimed to explore and understand its possibilities for new aesthetics, the material properties and possible applications.

The project was partly done with design students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences who experimented with different material compositions and processing steps.

The New Farm in The Hague hosted the course in their food lab. The New Farm is a central business building for urban agriculture, innovation and sustainability.

The exploration led to a set of small decorative lamp shades. The material has a warm texture with a variety of natural toned down colours. SEAshades offer an interior product that is both good for people and planet. A blue building stone for a future of sustainable living.

seaweed, paper pulp
design, research
The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The New Farm