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together we build a blue economy

If we can create systems with waste, we can also design them without

Our mission is to build and foster a healthy future 
for both humans and planet. Our strength lies in combining green technology with design to fit people’s needs, in harmony with the bigger natural system we are part of.

We develop biomaterials and products, and form new local networks across sector boundaries. We prevent waste from the start, or transform unused residual materials of one organisation into valuable materials or products for another. That is how we design waste out of our systems.

Shades of blue

All our activities follow the principles of the blue economy. Together they form our building blocks to contribute to a bright future. Results of our systems research are translated into material development, product design and new partnerships.

Instead of fitting in an economics of scarcity, we follow the blue economics of abundance and collaboration. Therefore sharing knowledge is an important element of our strategy. We do this through education, workshops and talks.

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About Marjanne Cuypers

BlueBlocks was founded by Marjanne Cuypers, a researcher and biodesigner with a focus on designing for zero waste systems.

She studied industrial design engineering at Delft University of Technology. Since then she has worked for (international) companies on diverse innovation projects, and was design lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

With BlueBlocks she collaborates with The Hague University of Applied Sciences as lecturer and researcher, to develop new materials and investigate the role of design towards more sustainable food systems.

In her most recent projects she is working with Dutch seaweed as a (future) source for healthy food, for bioplastic, and for fibreboard made of the left over fibres after extraction processes.

Blue City Rotterdam

BlueBlocks is located in Blue City in Rotterdam.

“This former subtropical swimming oasis serves as a breeding ground for innovative companies linking their waste-streams. Inside the ecosystem waste streams are valuable building blocks; the output of one is the input for the other. This way Blue City functions as an example for the circular economy.

BlueCity is an independent platform for the city of Rotterdam, it’s entrepreneurs and its inhabitants. It is a pool of possibilities, in which circular entrepreneurs brains, guts, vision and fun go together”.


BlueBlocks invites you to our work space in this inspiring location:

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