Biodesign Workshops

Series of practical workshops to learn the fundamentals of biodesign. The workshops cover the origin, theories and practice of biodesign. However, the focus lies on hands-on exercises to learn how to make, process and design with biomaterials. So that the participants have all the tools to start their own biodesign experiments and practices.


The main topics are:

  • Basics of biodesign – origin & examples from practice
  • Growing your own biomaterials – mycelium & microbial cellulose
  • Cooking your own biomaterials – various bioplastics
  • Natural dyes and patterning
  • (Organic) waste streams as basis for biomaterials
  • Design for zero waste systems and Material Driven Design (MDD)


This series was developed for the Industrial Design Engineering course of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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The Hague University of Applied Sciences