Bio Dye

The aim of this project was to explore possible uses of ancient dye methods to color new biomaterials. Although the biomaterials BlueBlocks was working with all had technical advantages in terms of biodegradability and functionality, the aesthetics of the materials were limited as starting point for design.

This led to researching different initiatives in the textile industry that were aiming to find alternatives for harmful dyes that are used for conventional fashion fabrics. There was a particular interest in the use of fruit and vegetable waste as as source for natural dyes.

After mastering the dyeing techniques, they were applied first to fabrics and then to biomaterials. Biomaterials differ from conventional fabrics with regards to composition and formation. Therefore they require a different application process. A set of different processes and handling techniques were tried and tested to optimise the process and the results.

The project resulted in a set of beautiful natural dyes derived from fruit and vegetables, and different combinations of color and biomaterial that can be used as starting point for design.

fruit & vegetable waste, bacterial cellulose, seaweed fabric